Why Should PJB?

Why do trading with PJB? 

  • Trusted Company

    PT. Pialang Jepang Berjangka is one of the company which has a marketing broad, and also the marketing having trained and trusted in giving some information to customers. This company is purely brokerage and is not a bookie.

  • Competitive Commission in Indonesia

    PT. Pialang Jepang Berjangka gives a very competitive commision, so investor opportunities to achieve profit will be optimized.

  • Easy Transaction and Fast with J-Trader

    Client can do trading online via internet, with J-Trader. Client also can trade 24hours from PC, laptop and mobile.

  • Margin Trading

    Margin (leverage) trading allows investor to trade a contract with a higher price, using a fraction of capital.

  • The Best Customer Service
    • Can be done in live chat, e-mail, and by phone
    • Daily Bulletin from our analyze team
    • Secure financial transaction report and transparent, it send everyday by email (daily statement)
    • News source from CNBC Economy, Detik Finance, and Okezone Economy
    • Easy capital disbursement (Withdrawal Liquidity)