1. General Risk that Occur

    The security of Future Contract Trading is involving some risks and may cause unexpected great loss from the initial fund you first deposited. With the high risks transacting in financial product, we advise you not to put all your fund in a high risk investment, such as your saving, medical fund and another important fund for your life, segregated fund for education or house ownership, or education loan, it must be separated from the fund you used in investment.

  2. The Market Price Moving Risk

    The moving price in market is frequently undetermined and unpredictable. Regarding to that, Client must be very careful to avoid losing the fund which he deposited first. Performing transaction in Future Contract is not a kind of safe deposit due to the fast changing, so Client shall use all options such as “stop loss” or “trailing stop” this way may delay your deposit fund to loss in a quick time, “stop loss” used to limit your transaction to avoid being completely edible by the market due to mistake in trading position, while “trailing stop” used to control your transaction when you get profit.

  3. Internet Connection Risk

    Performing transaction by using internet connection or online may cause the connection failure when your local connection is down, this may trouble your transaction in market, like when you wish to liquidate your position in market when you get profit, but due to the failure of your internet connection your profit position may turn to the opposite. This can be said as one of the risk of online trading, so Company will provide services of “direct quotes”, if your internet connection is failed then you can use telephone call to perform transaction.

  4. Risk Due To Wrong Position

    When you perform the transaction, you may get confused or in doubt to begin the trading. So there is a possibility for you to make mistake in making your position in the market. This is unavoidable if you click Buy or Sell, if this occurs then whether you like it or not you have to change your position with some small loss. But if you compare to the risk if you just let that mistake, then the loss you experience may be greater or you may gain some profit in your account.