Overview About Product

Commodity Futures Trading is everything related with sell/buy and submission later (or without submission), based on Futures Contract and option over futures contract. Futures Contract is a standard form of contract, for buying or selling commodity in quantity, quality, type, place and submission at a later time, which has been determined by the exchanges.

The contract can be traded repeatedly before the due date of delivery goods. Commodity Futures Trading is also becomes an important tool for commodity producers (hedging).

PT Pialang Jepang Berjangka offers some investment futures product, which is the right choice as an alternative investment tool.

Transaction Gains

  • Two ways transaction: can take advantage of price movements up or down.
  • Profit opportunities can be obtained every session per-days.
  • Investment can be liquidated at any time, either profits or capital by a maximum of 3 working days.
  • Easy and accurate investment procedures.
  • Risk of loss can be minimized by using the management of investment risk.

Our Excellence

  • Flexibility Transaction.
  • Trading Facility.
  • Research.
  • Risk Management.
  • Liquidity Funds.
  • Transparent Reporting.
  • Confidential.

Commodity Futures Product

  • Gold
  • CPO