J-Trader Opening Account Application


Step 1
langkah-1-pialang-jepang-berjangka Download Application Forms
Step 2
langkah-2 Send scans/ photo ID card document & evidence address + the application forms that has been completed
Step 3
langkah-3 After we verified your document, we will send “Username & Password” account to your email.
Step 4
langkah-4 Download J-Trader & Tutorial
Step 5
langkah-5 To make a deposit into your account, you can use Credit Card/Debit and
Wire Transfer. For more information, please take a look at deposit page.NOW, YOU CAN START TRADING!!

Sending Process

Upload Application Forms
kirim-a Please upload your document while filling the application form
Scans/ Send Photo by Email
kirim-b Scan or take a photo with your phone and then send it to email: [email protected]

* Please use the same email as email address that you fill in the Application Forms

* You can also upload document while filling Application Forms

kirim-c Please send a copy of document ID & another document by fax.

Fax number : +62 21 390-2873

* We will ask you to resend, if you send unclearly document

kirim-d Send a copy of document ID & another document via post

Our address : Menara Thamrin 25th Floor
Jl MH Thamrin Kav. 3
Jakarta Pusat 10250

J-Trader Opening Demo Account


Register Free Demo Account

Thank you for your interest to open “Free Demo Account” with PT Pialang Jepang Berjangka. We are proud to offer J-Trader, to be one of the best online trading solution with technical analysis and trading automatic (expert advisor). With industry leading performance, competitive spreads and very fast execution order, you can test your trading strategy on our demo platform before started in real account.

Download J-Trader and register for demo account

Registration demo account page will appear after you downloaded J-Trader
Please fill in your information data, to get login ID & Password.

Download J-Trader & Tutorial


Please fill in registration demo forms below, after being filled we will immediately calling you if your demo account is ready.

J-Trader Demo Registration Form

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