U.S. Wireless Price Wars Having A Big Impact On Consumers

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By Trefis Team, Contributor While the U.S. wireless industry has witnessed a shakeup over the last three years, as carriers migrated away from the contract model to equipment installment plans, the pricing benefits have really just started to be felt by customers, as the industry re-embraced unlimited data Source: Forbes Market

Netflix's International Streaming Business Could Be Profitable By Next Year

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By Trefis Team, Contributor Netflix‘s international streaming business accounts for about 42% of the company’s value, according to Trefis estimates. While the business is currently generating losses, we expect the company’s total international subscribers to exceed its U.S. subscriber base by the end of this year. Source: Forbes Market

The Fed Has Undermined The Economy's Ability to Grow

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By Olivier Garret, Contributor The Fed has created very significant unintended consequences, which have undermined the US [economy’s] ability to grow and lift the standard of living. Source: Forbes Market